Thursday, February 19, 2015


Campbell Jamieson - ICC General Manager, Commercial - said, "Global Disney is one of the biggest names in entertainment and has a long history of high quality ICC is pleased to welcome Disney India on board this brand new video games .. we hope the fans around the world will play and interact with the game, use all the features it offers, and will serve as a great accompaniment to the main event. "

ICC Cricket 2015 will be available on PC and mobile phones (iOS and Android) across India and other selected international markets close to ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 PC users can download the game from the all-inclusive USD $ 9.99. However, Android and iOS smartphone users can download free.The competitive pressure and the high cost of production hardware device, which led Ouya shift the focus from hardware and look for opportunities to license its library of games for different devices and manufacturers outside the US

Enter Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, which acquired a prominent place in the US market during the last year by grabbing pieces of startups in Silicon Valley. Invested $ 215000000 in the final year of initial Tango mobile messaging, after investments in search engine application Quixey a shipping provider ShopRunner two days.

But the Internet giant also seems to be interested in downloading strategic companies starting with the US technology import and entertainment in China.
Clash of Clans Games
Last year, Alibaba bought about 10% of the US mobile games company KABA $ 120 million to distribute their games via mobile applications Alibaba in China.

Investment in Ouya, Alibaba management has expressed interest to commission the games market in their set-top boxes, but no agreement has been reached yet, one of the people familiar with the matter said.

Alibaba makes its own decoders, including the recently published Tmalle Box 2 and the license of the operating system for devices manufactured by other companies. These devices already offer a selection of third parties developers.uya games, game console maker that tried to gain ground of his Kickstarter campaign folder earned capital injection of new strong strategic partner.

Alibaba has invested $ 10 million in Santa Monica, Calif., Company last month, according to people familiar with the subject. The two companies plan to integrate the software discussed a library of over 1,000 games on Ouya set-top box Alibaba, the people said.

The investment could help Ouya find a new life in China, a market in which the game is primed for growth. China's State Council recently lifted the ban on video game consoles have been since 2000, and dozens of new entrants are now flooding the country with low prices decoders that operate free games or inexpensive-to -play.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free PSN Codes

It is no secret that Christmas 2014 was marred for many. PSN having found unusable for several days after DDoS attacks, the new Sony console owners could admire an impossible load on Christmas Eve rather than enjoy their new acquisition.

Following this, PlayStation announced that users of PSN and PS + subscribers have the right to a special offer to make up for lost time. We finally have the details of these first offres.Tout for PS + members, it will be 5 days subscription "free" to be offered. The good news is that there is no action to be performed, PS + subscribers during the attack will automatically be added the 5 days at the end of their current subscription.

The most interesting remains that players will have the right to a promotion code 10% on account NHP purchases. This discount code will be distributed directly to the PSN and via the official PlayStation Twitter and valid for an entire shopping cart.

And this is where the problem lies. This code will be valid from January 23 to January 26 at 10 am at 10, is only 3 days to enjoy. In addition, PlayStation specifies that this discount code is valid "on eligible products PSN on PS3, PS4 and web store". Eligible products?

This implies that a selection will be made in advance, making the operation much closer balances than a real intention to repair the network errors. Admittedly, constantly having to go to the fund begins to be a habit for Sony, which should begin to be reluctant to open the portefeuille.En the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, January 14, 2015, it became suddenly unable to connect to PSN both PS4 PS3 and PS Vita. While maintenance of the service is intended only for Thursday from 18h to 22h, what's happening on the planet online PlayStation? Hard to say, but the 80711008 error code returns to many of you, alternating with messages like how the PSN is down for maintenance on all PlayStation consoles. After the Christmas holidays disrupted by DDoS attacks Lizard Squad, it will of course have to wait a bit before screaming for a new attempt to paralysis of the PSN. The side of the "PSN Official Status" from Sony, the site announced that the service is offline. On our Facebook page, you are also likely to report our connection errors. From our side, we were connected on PS4 and playing with The Walking Dead, but our attempt to log in again gave nothing positive. We are conducting the investigation and will keep you informed of the course of advanced problems, if they last too long. Meanwhile, you can follow the evolution of the situation on our Facebook page, we take updated regularly.

[Update - 2:15] The problem seemed to be short-lived, and PSN is again available on our PS4. A simple reboot of Sony's servers? Everything seems back to normal as much about PS4 PS3 and PS Vita. We keep an eye out for possibly to update when new bug.